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“The Concoction” and the Origins of “The Artifact”

I came up with the idea for The Artifact after watching the “South Park” episode which paid homage to the cult-classic, adult-animation film Heavy Metal. In the movie, a glowing green orb travels through seven stories bringing evil wherever it goes. I thought it was the perfect format for the first novel by nine writers who have such different writing styles. Instead of the mysterious green orb, we would have a mysterious alien artifact.

In addition to the Heavy Metal-anthology format, I wanted the stories to have a “Twilight Zone”/”Outer Limits” feel with ordinary people being pushed into extraordinary circumstances. This idea has been a cornerstone of the stories I’ve written and the films I’ve made. My short film, The Concoction, is a perfect example. With its hapless hero discovering a mysterious drink that makes him appear attractive, The Concoction could have easily been a story included in The Artifact.

The Concoction, part 1:

The Concoction, part 2:

Eugene Ramos


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A (Pain)Killer of a Prize

Last April I was lucky enough to be one of the finalists in FanLib’s “Painkiller Jane” writing contest.  The grand prize was a professionally drawn illustration of a scene from the winner’s entry.  Here is Jorge Correa Jr.‘s take on my opening scene:

Here’s the scene as it appeared in my script:


JANE VASCO lies on an examination table. Her arms, legs, waist and forehead are secured by leather straps. She struggles to move.

Wearing the scrubs of a surgeon, DEREK SUMNER circles around Jane. His face is covered with piercings (ears, nose, eyebrows, lips), a black tribal tatoo, scarification and other body modifications.

I assure you, Jane, you will be unable to escape.

My team will be looking for me, and when they find you —

They’ll what? Kill me? Come now. Idle threats don’t scare me.

He runs his finger down her cheek, then SCRATCHES HER WITH HIS FINGERNAIL.

Jane winces in pain as a drop of blood trickles down her cheek. Soon after, the scratch disappears. It has completely healed.

You see, you and I have something special in common.

He picks up a scalpel lying in a tray. He brings it to his wrist and cuts across. His face remains stoic.

Jane’s eyes go wide as blood flows out of Derek’s wrist before the wound quickly heals.

Except that, unlike you, I don’t feel pain. Congenital analgia, they call it. And unfortunately my attempts to find a cure have been unsuccessful.

As Derek turns his back on her to scrub his hands in the sink, Jane takes a moment to take in her surroundings.  AROUND HER ARE SEVERAL GURNEYS WITH BODIES COVERED IN SHEETS.

I take it the DOAs are your victims.

I prefer the term “test subjects.”

Derek puts on a pair of latex gloves, a surgical mask and a visor.

They’ve given me a better understanding of the nature of pain.

He turns around, and Jane sees in his hands a large CIRCULAR SAW.

Did you know that your stomach has more nerve endings than your brain?

With the flick of a switch, THE SAW WHIRS TO LIFE.

Jane tries to scurry back, but she can barely move.

On a scale of one to ten, tell me how much this hurts.



ANDRE MCBRIDE and CONNOR KING wheel a semi-conscious Jane on a gurney through the main hallway of the Neuro-Hunters HQ.

ANDRE (yells)


DR. SETH CARPENTER rushes toward the gurney. His eyes go wide in horror when he sees Jane.  THE BOTTOM HALF OF HER BODY IS MISSING, AND BLOOD SOAKS THE GURNEY CRIMSON RED.

Dear God, what happened?

Cool, huh?  Jorge is incredibly economical with his storytelling, and he punctuated the page with a great shot of Jane lying near death, her blood literally spilling off the page.  What a treat to have my words visualized by such a talented artist.  This is definitely being framed and hung on the wall next to my two diplomas.

Eugene Ramos

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Artifact: The Commercial!

Esr960 has produced an amazing commercial for our book…enjoy!


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new excerpt available

Please enjoy some of the opening chapter of our novel, written by Esr960.

Excerpt: Chapter One

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Speed Racer and the Curse of the Lost Alien Artifact

What does Speed Racer have to do with an Artifact found on a distant planet in the future? Well, nothing … on the surface.

While taking a much-needed break from writing his chapter for the Artifact Project, esr960 decided to write a submission for FanLib’s Speed Racer contest. However, the Artifact wasn’t ready to take a break from him. esr960 became consumed with the question, “What would happen if Speed Racer crossed paths with the Artifact?” His cousin’s eyes lit up; she had the answer: “He goes Back to the Future!”

Thus was born the unofficial Speed Racer/Artifact Project crossover event!

Here’s the setup:

When Speed discovers a mysterious Artifact, he finds himself transported to a dystopian future ruled by the evil Royalton Industries. Can Speed change the future in time to save the past?

Find out in Flash Forward!

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Welcome to the Artifact Project blog!

About a month ago, nine of us, who have only met via the internet, began a project…a really big project! We decided to take our love, writing, and turn it into something tangible…a novel!

So, we picked a theme, decided who would write what chapter, and began writing our little hearts out!

The working title is “Artifact”.

Currently, we have begun the third chapter (out of nine), and excitement is in the air! We will be using this blog as a journal to pass along the ups and downs of this experience…

Also, we will often post blurbs and bits of the book…teasers, if you will, to get you as excited about this as we are!

So, please join us on this incredibly journey (what is this…a Disney film?), and follow us as we toil on and complete “Artifact”.


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