Meet the Nine

Nine incredibly talented men and women are responsible for this project. Below are their internet pen names.

thedreamcontinued – a dedicated writer who can only be described with one word: passionate!

moonunit – brings a sweetness and sensibility to characters that no one else can.

dgtrekker – a writer, an artist…truly, a rennaisance man!

whigworld – brings a splash of comedy to the table

cvalin – his stories always contain a level of intensity and depth that is a rarety in today’s short story market

esr960 – his fast moving narrative is only surpassed by his incredible creativity

dr.jean – at her core, a true fan of all forms of fiction and “fandom” writing, dr.jean will look at a project and see an angle that no one else does

leila_data – perhaps the hardest working out of the bunch, she brings a well needed edge to this project

tribblemaker – a writer with a great pen stroke and a light spirit, Trib was an instant favorite with us all!

8 responses to “Meet the Nine

  1. Wow! This is a great blog!! It is the perfect layout, color sheme, Whiggy must have picked up some interior decorating along the way.
    Mah-va-lous dah-ling!
    I am out of the hospital and recoup-ing! Need some prayers getting the good old chapter three printed, though. Not only was my recovery expected to be long ( three months!) I was determined to make it one week, but then just as things looked as though they were going my way ( good title!) I developed a secondary infection in my mouth and throat!
    Prayers, people! Lots of prayers!
    Now I have added another med to my line-up plus double doses of pain meds! If I can write through all this, and make anything coherent out of it, then I deserve a medal ( well, at least the Nobel ) !!
    Love you all, and will keep you informed…I plan on popping in every time my head goes above the endless sea of delerium!!
    Blub! Blub! Blub!
    – TDC –

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  3. marphlets

    Hey Ladies and Gents!

    Fabu site, loves! This is my first look and I am sooo impressed…not to mention jealous. The nine seems to be a dream writing team. *in my best Solomon Grundy voice* “Marphlets want her own writting buddies.”

    Here’s wishing you Happy R&W 😉

  4. RJB

    Hey, this project of yours looks really cool– and the blog is impressive. Best of luck with it! 🙂

    rjb from KvP, who just realized that’s an awful lot of initials for one sign-off…

  5. Gwen

    So this is what you all have been up to! Esr960 just told me about this site. It looks very cool and very much in tune with the future of online communities. 🙂

    Best wishes for the success of your projects!

  6. nate_k

    So, the KvP spirit lives on. Very good indeed. I just found out about this site and I will be checking often.

  7. Shilom

    Still checking it out, but so far it’s great! Awesome job guys!

  8. Anna-wa

    What will you all link to now? MyFandoms? FFN? What?

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