whatever it takes

As I sit in the terminal at Charlotte airport on the last leg of our journey home from the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, I am thinking back to something Spock said.

Leonard Nimoy was amazing as usual. His antecdotes were funny, and his memories were touching. However, someone asked him a very important question while he was on stage.

The fan stood at the microphone and asked: “Mr. Nimoy, I want to be a photographer. What advice do you have for me?”

Nimoy, an accomplished photographer himself, answered, “You do whatever it takes. Do what you love, do it often, and dont worry about getting paid for it. Just find a way to do it.”


That translates into anything, doesn’t it?

And, as our book, “The Artifact: An Anthology” is headed off to the publisher, those words ring more true than ever.

“Find a way to do it.”

“Do what you love.”

Isn’t that what it’s all about? And, I’ll tell you this much…it’s exactly what fueled this project by nine strangers with a common love…writing.

And, I’ll tell you something else.

We love writing, and we loved this project, so much, we’re gonna keep doing it.

I promise.

What do you love?


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  1. Whig! How true. We were discussing this on the plane home. Those who are a success give not just partially, but 100% to whatever it is they love! That’s us! 100% nfull steam ahead! Can’t wait to get started on the next project!

    Next year…Vegas or Bust!!

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