Fanlib Dies; Creativity Lives On

At 5:04 pm pacific time, Fanlib ceased to exist. Posting on forums continued clear up until the end. A strong attendance of former KvP writers was represented for the final countdown, giving a familiar feel of round four’s countdown to destruction. Indeed, today was a good day to die for the fan site that gave birth to the best collaborative minds of the decade.

For anyone attempting to post after the slightly delayed hour of death, a coded error message was received. In that moment, scores of fans were immediately cut off and left to decide their trek.

While no longer lives, it is survived by countless writers and artists who continue to thrive on various sites throughout the internet. We here on the KvP Alum project are a testimony to that truth. Fanlib’s short life span inspired many creative minds and its presence will be greatly missed.

For those of you who missed the party and list of alternate sites on Fanlib’s home page, we’re big believers in keeping in touch. Just for you:
FanLib Refugees —
FanLib Refugees —
FanLib Refugees —
FanLib Forever

Boldly writing on,


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3 responses to “Fanlib Dies; Creativity Lives On


    This is indeed a sad day… and I long to stay in touch with all the friends I made through the late, great… please try to stay in touch, okay?


  2. Great and truer word were never more expressed Doc, nicely done.

  3. Hey there – thanks for that list of websites – I neglected to write them all down before FanLib extinguished!


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