goodbye, Fanlib…we barely knew you

As the old saying goes, “All good things must end.”

And so it is ending for Fanlib, the entity that brought our group, and thousand of other fans, together. It was a website that would let us all express our creative sides, and take the characters we knew and loved from tv and movies to a whole other place.

And, now it’s gone.

They just announced that they’ll be turning off the lights on August 4th. In reality, it’s just a business decision made by the owners of the site. But in our reality, it’s shutting the door on a place where we could unleash our creative souls.

But, another saying tells us that when a door is shut, another one opens…

I will always remember and be thankful for Fanlib. It helped me realize a dream that’s been building inside me for 25 years. Instead of continuing in meaningless jobs with my “music” dying inside me, Fanlib introduced me to my hidden talent, and to a community of people with similar dreams and aspirations.

And, Fanlib gave me the opportunity to meet the people who are collaborating on this project.

So, I guess as I’m looking for an appropriate tribute to a great website (Fanlib) that only lasted a year and a half, we’ve got the perfect one right in front of us…

…to carry on with this, and future projects, and to never let the music die within us.

Thanks, Fanlib.



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4 responses to “goodbye, Fanlib…we barely knew you

  1. Hey, guys, it’s Transwarped from KvP! I just heard about FanLib closing and I saw the link to this site there.

    Congratulations on the novel! I read the excerpts and I I’m extremely impressed. I can’t wait to read the whole book.

    You guys have really carried on the spirit of FanLib here through your collaboration, and as long as there are a few of us left to carry that on, then the creativity that was unleashed by KvP will live on.

    Live long and prosper…

  2. Thanks Whiggy for this great tribute! Nothing can be a better tribute to FanLib than those of us who have proven we can all realize our dreams…one friendship at a time!

    Live Long and Write Well!!

  3. Anna-wa

    *sigh* I’ll miss FanLib. All the friends I made there, all the fantastic stories there. Everything.
    It was my perfect place. I’ll miss it.

  4. It’s never a fun occasion to have your online “home” suddenly shut down. However, there’s really no need for despair; FanLib was hardly a new concept. There are many more fan fiction archives–those that accept stories on all fandoms and those that are fandom-specific–out there. Don’t let the closure of one site silence your voice or creativity.

    Also, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of the other archives. You mention in your post that FanLib’s closure was a “business decision,” and that underscores the major problem that most people in fandom had with that site. Fandom is not, by and large, a “business.” We do this because we love it. We run websites and archives, not to make money, but to provide only homes for people that share in our interests. That the site has shut down and given so little notice to people like you who have worked so hard to build it is, unfortunately, not a surprise to me or many others in fandom who saw this coming a year-and-a-half ago.

    Anyway, my regrets to you, and I hope you find a great new home for your work. May the muses smile upon you! 🙂

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