quality trumps deadlines…always

Our goal was to have this book (“Artifact”) on the virtual shelves in the middle-to-end of July.

We’re pushing that timeline now. But that’s okay. Plenty of last minute edits and re-writes were done, and we believe it has made our first novel an outstanding piece of work (although, I’m sure you’ll be the judge of that!).

Right now, the final editing and continuity checks are being completed, and I believe this thing should be ready to order on Amazon.com by the first week in August. However, keep checking back here for updates.

Four months ago, when we gave birth to this concept of nine people who had never met in person, only on the ‘net, cranking out  novel, I would have thought the creative process of actually writing the thing would have been the tough part.

Man, was I wrong!

The hard part is deciding on and voting for cover art, refining the little details that the continuity checks uncover, deciding on marketing and pricing details, and etc, etc, etc…

But here’s the good news…it’s fourth down on the one yard line with five seconds left in the game, and we’re ready to run it in for the game winning touchdown! (I had to get a sports reference in here somewhere!)

And here’s even better news…we’ve just begun the creative process for our second novel!

Man, life is good, isn’t it?


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