The Sound of Writing

I don’t always listen to music while I write, but I often get inspiration from it. I’ll be sitting in my car listening to the radio or a CD, and either the music or the lyrics or both will give me an idea that I’ll start to work on in my mind, and by the time I sit down at my computer, it’s ready to flow straight from my fingers. Once I figured out that my chapter for this book was going to be dark, I put together a CD of songs I had that fit the mood. I listened to the CD at least once a day, and it gave me all the ideas I needed to fill out my chapter. I called the CD “Cool Darkness.”

Here’s a sample of some of the songs that gave me my inspiration:

  • Veteran of the Psychic Wars – Blue Oyster Cult
  • All Along the Watchtower – Bear McCreary/written by Bob Dylan (from the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack)
  • Disciples of the Watch – Testament
  • On the Dark Side – John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band (from Eddie and the Cruisers)
  • Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
  • Close My Eyes Forever – Lita Ford
  • Holy Diver – Ronnie James Dio
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC
  • Joey –  Concrete Blonde (acoustic version)
  • The World I Know – Collective Soul
  • Put Your Lights On – Santana with Everlast
  • Daughter (Live Version) – Pearl Jam
  • Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones

It’s a pretty eclectic mix, but they have a certain darkness about them that served me well when trying to come up with ideas for my story. If you’ve never done it, try it sometime.




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4 responses to “The Sound of Writing

  1. Great collection! Music is great to get the rythym going, and like you said, ” it’s ready to flow straight from my fingers.”

    Music helps to keep the ball rolling.

    Eric 🙂

  2. Hey! I do this all the time! My story ideas come from real life “emotions” more than experiences…but then, the music comes to me…boils as the emotions swell…and it will set the tone from the time I sit down til I complete whatever tale is bouncing around in my head! I should put the cd’s together…it would say alot about the way I felt at the time I wrote my piece.
    Thanks cvalin for being a musical influence on my jumbled mind!
    ~ TDC ~

  3. Thanks, Eric and TDC. After I posted this, I had the urge to listen to the CD again, and I relized I had left some songs off, so I just added them.


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