why do I write?

This is a question that I have been asking myself lately.

“Why do I write?”

Is it for the cheers? No. Is it for the money? Definitely not! Is it for fame? Naw…at least not yet!

Then why? Why do I take the valuable time out of my day to create something that only a few might read?

Because I can, and I must. Okay, that sounds grandiose, I know. But hear me out…

Can you imagine knowing that you’re pretty good at something, but you never, ever use that skill? Maybe you can bake a cake better than any you’ve ever tasted, but you never find the time to make it.

Or maybe you can drive a golfball 300 yards down the middle of the green…every time…but you’re always too busy at work to hit the lynx.

What if?

I believe that too many people die with their music locked inside of them.  They know, or at least suspect, that they have a talent for something, but never pursue it.  How sad is that?

Unfortunately, for the first 41 years of my life, I was that guy. I always knew I had a talent for using words, for creating scenarios that would get an emotional response from people. I was a salesman for 20 years, after all. Words were my life.

But until I stumbled upon a writing competition a year ago on a website filled with a creative, supportive community, I never came close to guessing what I had locked inside.

But the talent and desire still isn’t enough. It takes a plan of action.

I’ve got a friend who loves to cook. He plays guitar for a living, but his real passion is cooking. His dream is to own a catering business. But that is all it is…a dream. His answering machine says he’s a catering business, but he has no business plan, no marketing, no training whatsoever. All he has is a dream…and so he goes on, living a life that makes him miserable.

You need a plan.

A dream. A desire. A plan. ABC. It’s that simple.

Why do I write? Everyday? Because it’s my plan.




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2 responses to “why do I write?

  1. I’m happy I accidentally stumbled across this.

    I may never see this page again, but I figured you should know that this has meant something to me.


  2. Because it’s my plan.
    I love that. thanks

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