thoughts of Indy…

                   Indiana Jones by TDC

                                                     photo by thedreamcontinued

It is the day that the new Indiana Jones movie premieres nationwide. And it’s bringing a rush of memories to the surface.

I first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Drive-In theater. I had just got my driver’s license, and was on a date. There were two showings of Raiders, and in between was Popeye starring Robin Williams. I’m still trying to figure that combo out.

We arrived about 10 minutes into the first showing, but when you’re 16 and footloose and fancy free (who am I…my grandpa?!?), things like that didn’t matter.

But, as the movie continued, and Indy swung from his whip over crevasses, and shot ninja assasins, and rode the ocean on the outside of a submarine, I found myself falling in love. Not with the girl I was with…but with a lady called Motion Pictures.

Admittedly, I missed almost all of Popeye due to…well…extra curricular teenager stuff. But, when the 2nd showing of Raiders started, I couldn’t peel my eyes from the screen.

I don’t know whatever happened to “what’s her name” (sorry if you’re reading this), but I do know what happened to my love for movies. It grew. And grew. And grew.

Something magical happened that night in 1981. And, several months later when my favorite movie theater, the Dabel (one of the last of the grand old huge screen theaters, later torn down and replaced with a dollar store that is now abandoned) went to the $1.50 format, I saw Raiders another 26 times.

As a writer (or aspiring writer), I always look back at that night, and that movie, for inspiration. In fact, every writer should read that screenplay. It is the epitome of brilliant, action writing. The 2 hours it’ll take to read will do more for you than a year in screenwriting school.

What’s my point? Find your inspiration. If it’s a movie, a tv show, another book, a painting, a grandparent, a political or historical figure…just find it. And never forget it.

I wonder…what did happen to “what’s her face?”



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2 responses to “thoughts of Indy…

  1. JT

    Inspiration is not difficult for me to find, it is motivation that I have the most trouble with.

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Nares!

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