When is a book a book?

“Artifact” is now three chapters complete! Thedreamcontinued (author #3) has just emailed us her chapter, and now Leila_data is up to bat! And I’m excited, because I’m after her…

With the book now 1/3 complete (and a little behind schedule…but that’s okay, we’re tackling something new here!), I am asking myself a question: When is a book a book?

Does it have to be published? Is it the final draft of the manuscript? Or is it simply when the idea is created, and chapters are planned out?

Without sounding too sentimental, I think with this group, it was the birth of the idea that brought a reality to the project, and a closeness between nine people that have never physically met. Anything that happens after, including the publishing (and it will be published…look for it on this site!), is merely icing on the coat.

There is something magical about this collaboration process…every time a new chapter is emailed to the group, it’s like Christmas morning! We get nine Christmases during this process!

So, when does a book become a book? I believe that answer lies with the author/authors. It’s that feeling of completion they get, whichever step they feel it.

Do I have to say it again? Go! Go write something…now!



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3 responses to “When is a book a book?

  1. KC

    What an absolutely fantastic idea! Collaborative effort at its finest. I look forward to checking it out. If you don’t mind, I’m going to write a little blurb about your project and post it to my own blog. I think it’s such a great idea.


  2. Thanks Kevin…tell your friends!!

    Way Cool comment!

  3. KC

    I had to come back and confess my evil deed. I have talked an online writer friend into collaborating with me. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration. I look forward to reading more of your project as you post it.


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