Collaborate the Artifact

Early on in the process of writing this book, we learned the importance of collaboration.

The life of the writer is often a lonely one, spent in the solitude of a cramped room with an uncomfortable chair and a computer (or Underwood, if you’re still in the 70’s).

When we decided to collaborate on the book, everything that would follow would go against the grain of conventional writing. Authors are generally very protective of their work…it’s like one of their offspring. We don’t want to be told it’s bad, or could be improved.

Oh, we say we love criticism because it’s the only way we can improve…but down deep, we want to believe that draft #1 is as great and perfect as it will ever get.

The group involved with this project has stepped outside of that comfort box, and has been willing to take…and give…honest criticism.¬† And only then was the true meaning of collaboration able to blossom.

Also, we found that daily communication through a chat room has been crucial. It’s the next best thing to hanging out in a coffee shop with each other.

So, if your new to writing, or beginning a project like ours, these would be my 3 tips:

1. If you’re gonna dish out criticism, be able to take, and accept, it.

2. Know that draft #1 is not, will not, and never will be, the only draft.

3. Find a way to keep constant communication open with the writers in your project, or other writers who truly care about this craft.

Ahhh…words to live, or die, by.


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