Welcome to the Artifact Project blog!

About a month ago, nine of us, who have only met via the internet, began a project…a really big project! We decided to take our love, writing, and turn it into something tangible…a novel!

So, we picked a theme, decided who would write what chapter, and began writing our little hearts out!

The working title is “Artifact”.

Currently, we have begun the third chapter (out of nine), and excitement is in the air! We will be using this blog as a journal to pass along the ups and downs of this experience…

Also, we will often post blurbs and bits of the book…teasers, if you will, to get you as excited about this as we are!

So, please join us on this incredibly journey (what is this…a Disney film?), and follow us as we toil on and complete “Artifact”.



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2 responses to “Welcome to the Artifact Project blog!

  1. dgtrekker

    Hey Whig, cool idea!

  2. drjeantre16

    Fabulous blog, Whig!

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